Second chance for Political Refugees – A proposal to Europe and UNHCR

The situation of Asylum seekers has been always crucial, despite many years of visibility, hundreds of campaigns which was offered by thousands of European NGOs and UNHCR itself, This situation doesn’t seem to be improved.

But there is another serious crisis which is hidden under the big cover of the “Asylum Seekers”: the “granted asylum” individuals and particularily “Political Refugees”. [including myself] the sad reality is that even after many years of hard works and self-efforts on behalf of refugees to integrate into the hosting country, and find their own place, they don’t succeed. yet they usually find themselves stuck and blocked by a collection of administrative paperworks, financial crisis and even profound psychological affects which mostly lead to suicide!

Being “accepted” and granted protection, unfortunately in a country like France is equal to start being on your own and buiding yourself from scratch while being surrounded by unknowns. when a country fails to integrate its refugees [specially thse with professional skills] to its own system and society, the refugee must be granted another chance to start over from another country of their choice and the second hosting country shall recognize all of the efforts, experiences and works made in the first hosting country by the refugee. I strongly believe this would be possible in EU and it will resolve many big issues and end the nightmare-style life of thousands of refugees who are fighting for their survival every day and night and suffering from the lacks of very basic and essential needs as the human being.

EU can moderate and motivate member countries to create and develope this “Plan B” for every single refugee who is blocked, ignored and unable to rebuild its professional carrier in the first hosting country.

Apatridie [statelessness] Copyright Kianoush Ramezani – Courtesy of Mémorial de Caen museum 2018