My April fools or Poisson d’avril and a bitter reality

All started with a “check-in” from Paris airport to Tehran, Iran in Facebook; I made this with a comment explaining that finally after 8 years of living in France and thanks to an invitation from Rouhani [Iranian President], I’m flying back to Iran! and said “goodbye” to France and all of friends there as I had no time to see them for the last time!!
Obviously it was my April fools and I thought it would make my friends smile which it did for many time, but I was so surprised to see some comments from people and friends who know me closely and knew my story: They believed that post and congratulated me and wished me the best!!…
Those feedback is a prove that there is such a wrong and limited image of Iran exists in Europe, it shows that many people really believe that Rouhani is a “moderated” president for Iran and this country are going through democracy and human rights!… well that’s why I had to write about it here to make it as clear as possible:

  • Islamic state of Iran is being ruled by the Supreme leader and NOT by Rouhani or any other presidents. It is a dictatorship based on Sharia [Islamic law] so even if Rouhani was a moderated one [which he is not at all] he don’t have any authority to make any change in the system. The goverment just executes the orders of the supreme leader!
  • Hundreds of Iranian INDEPENDANT artists are being arrested, excluded, repressed and even tortured just because they don’t bow to the regime and never accept their rules, and I was forced to exile, like many others. So how on earth a president of such a cruel regime sends an invitation to a political cartoonist in exile?
  • Islamic “Republic” of Iran has NO tolerance to any opposition and different opinion! If you collaborate with the regime [as many Iranian artists are doing it now] you’ll have comfort and secured financial and life situation. If you are against the regime and its ideology, they exclude and ignore you. and Finally if you denounce the regime , they will put you in prison, torture you and even kill you!
  • Rouhani has been always a close friend with the Iranian supreme leader! it’s so naive to think that he’s against the system and wants to make change in favor of people!

Happy easter everyone and enjoy your chocolate eggs!

[I photoshoped the photo to illustrate this article]