lecture in Bayeux city hall about journalism and Freedom

The relationship between Eindhoven and Bayeux was established in September 1945, the two cities having in common the fact that they were their nation’s first cities to be liberated from German occupation.
Each year, a delegation from Eindhoven is present in Bayeux for the city’s commemorative festivities. Besides members of the Stichting 18 September and the city’s Mayor , the delegation is comprised of representatives from Eindhoven’s City Council, students from several high school and the bicyclists who transport the torch to Eindhoven. Since 1989, a number of volunteers from Eindhoven’s “Lichtjesroute” (“Light Parade”) are part of the delegation as well. The volunteer’s mission is to “illuminate” Bayeux’s liberation with “light from Eindhoven”.
In September 2008, Eindhoven and Bayeux officially became “sister cities”.

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