Kianoush Ramezani, the International awarded “homeless” in Paris from September 27th

this is one of the photos of “Exile International cartoon expo” 
that I created and curated on May 3rd 2011, when I was the 
resident of “la Maison des Journalists”. I have been awarded 
by the Paris city hall the scholarship and residency in “Cite 
International des arts” since June 2011 for one year

This post is totally different from the others in this blog. more than 120,000 persons are visiting and following my blog, including many International and local journalists, many responsible persons from International and local organizations and administrations like Ville de Paris (the Paris city hall), Cite International des arts, ECPM, Cartooning for Peace, UNHCR, Memorial de Caen, Ville de Geneva (Geneva city hall), I mentioned these special names to appreciate their kindly supports and attentions, thanks to their supports as the awards, residency, scholarship and trust, I could still continue cartooning and other activities.

this post is to announce how the French administrations are far away from these beautiful friendship and solidarity, to announce that I am such a drawn of paperwork that nobody can see the current situation, it’s not just the story of me, it’s a general story for the majority of the political refugees in Paris
few of the persons who will receive this post can believe that I will be “really” a homeless in the streets of Paris, specially the journalists who made many interviews with me in the Cite des arts, conferences, festivals and maison des journalistes.
I feel so sad because I won’t be able to draw new cartoons and publish them from the street, but it’s another page of the story of Exile, being homeless!
I will be officially out of the “Cite International des arts” that was my residency thanks to a scholarship from city of Paris since June 2011. I was very gifted to had such a long time residency in this wonderful Babylon in the heart of Paris.
I have been awarded another residency thanks to Ville de Geneva and UTOPIANA organization, I will move there on October 15th and before that date, I will sleep in the street! it will be my pleasure to meet my nice friends before leaving.
best regards