International New York Times: The art of being coward!

In Iran there is a proverb that maybe explains what happened to Chappatte and International New York Times after the journal re-published a controversial cartoon by a Portuguese cartoonist. it says: “A madman throws a stone into the well that a hundred wise men can not bring out. “

So the “wise men” of NYT ignored the whole subject of “Stone” and “madman” and just destroyed the whole “well”!

Soon or late they will feel thirsty and regret their decision of not having any political cartoons. I pictured it for Friday August 2 2019!

I’ve met Patrick Chapptte for the first time at Le Mémorial de Caen in 2011, a very passionate human being engaged to human rights and a brilliant political cartoonist yet modest and down to the earth. Since 2011 till the end of 2012 [when I was awarded the first International cartooning prize of the Geneva city together with other 3 Iranian cartoonists], I had the chance to see and know him more, and consider him a friend. now after more than 8 years, I believe that Patrick Chappatte is one of the most talented political cartoonists of our time, and the decision of NYT to terminate his job, is a disaster for journalism, political cartoon and cartoonists.