Foulards Rouges [Red Scarves] – the downfall of French democracy and political intelligence

I’m observing the French “Gilets Jaunes” movement since November very closely and carefully. and I didn’t yet make any cartoon about this movement. I’m still very eager to see if the French president can convince people and finally make some changes in favor of social justice. As an artist I’m indeed affected by his wrong politics directly! and my life has been a hell after he became the president. but I’m still alive and I didn’t lose my eyes by flash balls, grenades or any other violence from so called “force de l’ordre” .

I don’t hide my total support for “Gilets Jaunes” [yellow vests] and I deeply believe they present the French nation and its legitimate rights. I respect and I proud to be protected by them. Yes as a political refugee I’m officially protected by French “Nation” and not its government! I’ve seen many governments and presidents since I arrived in France and I’ve seen many changes in politics and governments, but not in people and nation. till 27th of January that I’ve seen 10000 people gathered in Paris to show their “support” for government and applauded the “force de l’ordre” one day after one of the leaders of Gilets Jaunes got hit by Flash ball and grenade right under the Bastille square while doing a live facebook from his mobile phone!

that reminded me of the marches and manifestations fabricated by the Iranian regime to show to the world that they have the support of “people”…

This wasn’t what I expected from “French nation”…

When all evidences prove that the government has become so violent against its opposition, when French president finally started to doubt his knowledge about “knowing everything” and ran the “Grand Debates”, seeing some “red scarves” praising their government and its violence and calling it “anti violence” manifestation, doesn’t make any sense!

My direct message to French president  [in case he finds this post and read it], is to be more humble! to listen to people and to punish those who committed crime and violence against people during the manifestations. It is maybe late for him to become the most popular president of France, but he still has time to gain people confidence and who knows, maybe then he will become popular !!

Copyrights: Kianoush Ramezani – Digital collage – 2019 – All Rights Resevred