Exile International Cartoon expo. May-October 2011, Paris

Founded and curated by Kianoush Ramezani, The former resident of La Maison des journalistes and renown cartoonist, this international expo, took place on May 3rd 2011, the World Press Freedom day, and brought together a hundred cartoons by some of the most talented cartoonists in the world.
This touring exhibition started in the building of La Maison des journalistes in Paris with the official sponsorship and funds of Paris city Hall and then moved to several cities in France and Europe without its curator!
The main Mission was to attract the media and public attention to the work performed by our non-profit organization. La Maison Des Journalistes helps exiled journalists who were forced to leave their country to escape persecutions. MDJ provide them with a housing solution and help them through the many difficulties they face at the time of their arrival in France.
Posters, postcards and a catalog gathering all the art works created and sold to support “La Maison Des Journalistes”.

list of Participant artists from all over the World:

  • Angel Boligan – Mexico
  • Corinne Rey (Coco) – France
  • Cristina Sampaio –     Purtugal
  • Damien Glez –     Burkina Faso
  • Gabriel Ippoliti –  Argentina
  • Jaume Kapdevila (KAP) – Spain
  • Jean Plantu – France
  • Kianoush Ramezani – Iran
  • Liza Donnelly – Unites States
  • Mario Sughi –  Ireland
  • Peter Broelman – Australia
  • Pierre Bizalion (Biz) –  France
  • Raquel Orzuj – Uruguay
  • Rolf Heimann –  Australia
  • Tan Oral – Turkey
  • Thomdean –  Indonesia
  • Vladimir kazanevsky –  Ukraine
  • Yves Guezou –  France

Exile Expo in the Paris city hall (Hotel de Ville) May 2011
Exile Expo in the Paris city hall (Hotel de Ville) May 2011
This is a video of the opening ceremony on May 3rd 2011