Cartooning is a job, not a charity!

Being a cartoonist [editorial or political] has become a life challenging choice; The more media are developing the less cartoonists are getting paid.
But the worst situation is the way some NGOs are treating cartoonists: you give them full authorisation to publish your work in a way they want, they get lots of visibility, attention, projects… [you name it] and you get nothing as payment! indeed they expect you feel great of being “helpful” as an “engaged” artist and hero!…
I’ve been fooled this way for many years till I understood every single project running by any NGO has a “budget” and they’re not doing their project for free.
My recommendation or very humble friendly advice to colleagues is to stop giving your artworks for free! make them pay for each of your cartoons they want with a fare price, and stop starving and pretending “everything is alright” because pretending doesn’t pay your bills, it will kill our profession!
Cartooning is a job, not a Charity!