Photo Credit : Paolo Verzone for Philosophy Magazine

Iranian Artist and Activist in exile, living and working in Paris since 2009.
His editorial cartoons appears regularly in “Courrier International” magazine and other national and International media in France and other countries such as Guardian, Siné mensuel, Arte, Iran Human Rights, etc.
He observes society, educational system and other art fields like short films and video arts, He has been jury member of Interfilm Berlin [International short film festival] in 2015 and 2016.
he gives educational lectures in the colleges and universities since 2010. he chose “Cartooning: The Art of Danger” for his TEDx talk in 2014, months before Charlie Hebdo’s terrorist attack.
He has been curating and directing “Sketch Freedom” International cartoon expo since 2013 [in collaboration with Gothenburg film festival and Swedish national archives in Gothenburg.] and “Confrontations” International cartoon expo since 2016 [in partnership with Interfilm Berlin] KIANOUSH is the founder President of the “United Sketches” International Organization for Freedom of expression and Cartoonists in Exile.
He is the author of the book “The Earth’s Visual Diary” published in 2014.

Solo Exhibitions
2016, Maison de la Culture de Corbusier, Firminy, France
2016, “The Art of Danger” Retrospective Solo Exhibition, Nova Contemporary Art Gallery, Washington, USA.
2014, “My Article19” Solo Exhibition, La Caféothèque Gallery, Paris, France.
2014, “Exile” Solo Exhibition, Alhambra Cinema Gallery, Marseille, France.
2013, “Against the Death Penalty” Solo Exhibition, Palace of Justice, Madrid, Spain.
2013, “Déjà vu Solo Exhibition”, Cité Internationale des arts, Paris, France.
1993 till 2006, 10 solo exhibitions in Tehran and Rasht, Iran.

2012 – 2013, Artist in Residence Award, Geneva City Hall, Geneva, Switzerland.
2012, First International Editorial Cartooning Award, Geneva City Hall, Geneva, Switzerland.
2011 – 2012, Artist in Residence, Paris City Hall, Paris, France
2015, “TO Be Charlie Or Not To Be”, Universal Tolerance Forum, Norway
2014, “Cartooning: Art of Danger”, TEDx Talk, The Hague, Netherlands
2014, “Curating Exile”, Centre 116 [Contemporary Arts Center], Montreuil, France

2018, Sokol Prize for Digital Caricature, Critical Drawing and Satire, International Jury member, Austria
2017, Prix Mémorial International cartoon awards for human rights, President of International Jury, France
2016 – 2015, Interfilm Berlin International shortfilm festival, Jury member, Germany

Group Exhibitions
2016, “Confrontations” International Group Exhibition, Babylon Cinema, Berlin, Germany.
2015, “Sketch Freedom” 2nd International Group Exhibition, National Archive Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden.
2014, “Sketch Freedom” International Group Exhibition, National Archive Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden.
2013, “Dove of Peace” International Group Exhibition, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2013, “Women Deliver” International Group Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2012, “About love”, together with 2 Israeli artists, Cité Internationale des arts, Paris, France.
2012, “First International award of Political Cartooning Exhibition”, Quai Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland.
2012, “Little Fukushima” International Group Exhibition, Cité Internationale des arts, Paris, France.
1993 till 2006, more than 20 Group Exhibitions in Tehran and Rasht, Iran.

Artistic Approach
“I observe the society and the interactions between human beings – philosophically, politically and instinctively. This is my main source of inspiration. I provoke society to remind it to act and sometimes to react. I put activism in every single line, pixel or kilobyte. my main intention is to remind the value of Freedom of Expression as a fundamental right for human beings. My art is my activism and my activism is my life. “Freedom of Expression” is my main profound motivation for creation and it is present when I’m drawing, when I’m making a video art or doing an artist talk [TEDx talk]. My name is known an engaged activist and cartoonist by dozens of interviews with International media and journals, but my goal is to show the art of cartooning as a very powerful contemporary art and to show its capacity of its interactions with Music, Performance and Video art.”