A Reminder: Cartooning kills!

It’s been already more than three years since my colleagues in Charlie Hebdo had been assasinated by two French terrorist brothers born Muslim then radicalised and joined to Islamic States…
I never forget their voice shouting ” We Killed Charlie, We revenged Mohammad!! ” loudly and proudly just beside Place de la Bastille in Paris, where I’m living since 2010.

Thinking of January 11th 2015 and being in the middle of millions of people supporting cartoonists and freedom of expression with ” Je suis Charlie ” , I don’t feel optimistic about the current situations. Political cartoonists are getting fired from the major newspapers and media because of what they do and others who survive professionally, they turned to some sort of censorship agent against their own by practicing self-censorship!

Political cartoon has been always powerful with a very big impact in the societies, and that’s the main reason why it’s been always limited, censored and survervised.

Freedom of expression is like the air for Cartooning, and being a cartoonist must always mean being independant, and being activist for human rights.