Kianoush was awarded 2nd prize of the 20th International Editorial Cartoon Competition

The 20th International Editorial Cartoon Competition had the theme “Pulling the plug on social media”*.
The Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom received more than 300 cartoons from 31 countries.
The jury, composed of four members of the Canadian Committee of World Press Freedom, met last March 31st to select the winners of the 20th World Press Freedom International Editorial Cartoon Competition.
Second prize was awarded to Kianoush Ramezani of France.
The awarded cartoon was published in La Croix newspaper on November 2019.

*About the theme “Pulling the plug on social media”:
After a facing backlash over the publication of a cartoon deemed anti-Semitic, the New York Times stopped publishing editorial cartoons in their international publication. In August, India stripped Kashmir of its constitutional autonomy and isolated it from the world by cutting it off from the Internet. Thirty years after the fact, the Chinese are still kept in the dark about the Tiananmen Square massacres. Iran can claim, without risk of contradiction that its response to the attack on General Soleimani killed 80 American soldiers. Increasingly, we see that the powers in place do not suffer contradiction.