my peaceful windows

I am an Iranian artist who lives in exile. I am not religious but I respect all believes and religions. I can see this image from my windows, it reminds me of a very old dream called “Peace”, I made this installation and now I am sharing it to all of my friends, fans and audiences. may this dream happens very soon 
Kianoush Ramezani, Paris, 31 March 2012 

One thought on “my peaceful windows

  1. For all those who can't read the Hebrew letters, I will explain that on the right it says "GEDENK" ("remember" in Yiddish) and on the left "LO TISHKACH" ("Do not forget" in Hebrew). The reference is to the Holocaust of course.
    Kianoush, I was not invited to Caen this year, dommage, please give my regards to all our colleagues

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