Internet, a virtual dandelion to be a real messenger

We all consume it, even sacrifice our food budget to “have” it, more, faster and better… some years ago we used to know it just by “@” but now in 2018 this symbol looks as old as phone booth; Now we all own a brick shape device to be “connected” via 4G or WiFi and soon we will be searching to change our brick to a new one adapted to 5G! We are all suffering of low-back and neck pains and we used to “scroll down” and “Like”, etc.
Our “activism” has been limited to a “virtual” one with the illusion of doing “real” change!

Internet anyhow, remains “the only” windows to the outside world in many countries, this “virtual” dandelion is still doing some “real” impact to be a messenger in societies that are dreaming of having freedom of speech and media. and for the “whistle blowers” to share the truth.