Hey Paris! damn crazy city! I love you!

Photo by: Kianoush

after one year, I think I can talk with you! but I prefer to talk to you in English, like many nights before that I
talked with your big beautiful nose “la tour Eiffel” while coming back from the Long Hop by feet! now I will tell how many layers you have. Yes, you are a multilayer city. let’s talk about your layers from above!

  1. your sky is amazing. since spring till November, you start creating your magic art with clouds, sunlight and the sky. each sunset is different from the other. your sky is the “moodiest” ever in the World…
  2. when the sunset ends, the big nose is being transformed to a great lighthouse with turning lights, and I feel myself as a crazy captain surrounded by the rocks!
  3. when I am walking in your streets, the only name that I can remember is “Haussmann”. and a crazy story of “destroying and rebuilding”…
  4. watching normally, there are a lot of cafe beside the streets, a lot of people sitting and seems to be calm and relaxed. millions of cigarettes and spoken words while smoking. thousands dates and break ups!
  5. watching the ground, it is unbelievable! you are a great collection of any kind of shits, pissing and trashes! dogs are busy to create some artworks with their asses and dicks! you can even motivate animals to create!
  6. now, watching just under the streets. metro stations. I love your metro stations! they are like the vessels that connect all of your body to each other. the first thing that I see is the “condom machine”! what a hot city you are!
  7. inside the metro, I saw the people. they are very different from above! pale and stressed faces, boring eyes and loneliness! what a “paradox”

I love you because you have “moody”,”Paradox”,”Hot”,”Motivation”,”destroying and rebuilding” behavior. you are really crazy! like me! 🙂